(GVW 4100KG / 7500KG)


utstanding output and torque as well as proven durability and fuel efficiency make ISUZU ELF ideal for businesses seeking cost-effective operation.


The powerful high-efficiency all-new 4JH1-TC engine with excellent output and torque, proven durability and reliability is perfect for a large variety of applications.


The 4HK1-TC with High-Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection System and ISUZU 6-speed transmission (MYY-6S) offers best-in-class power as well as superb fuel economy.


High rigidity, aerodynamically efficient design and user-friendliness ensure that the functionality of ISUZU ELF is never compromised.

Wide Angle Outer Mirrors*

Offer extra visibility of surroundings, reducing blind spots.

90 Degrees Door Opening

90-degree wide door opening and longer handle grip provide effortless cabin access along with a larger step area and wider cabin floor.

Tubeless Tyre with Wheel Cap**

Tubeless tyres provides higher load capacity coupled with longer tread life durability and is good for fuel efficiency.

Rear Fog Lamp*

Rear fog lamp provides high visibility to other road users during inclement weather or during poor visibility conditions.

Wider Brake Lining*
Wider Tread*
Bigger Axle Capacity (up to 9.1 tons)*
Higher Alternator Capacity of 90 Amperes*

*UNECE Regulation Compliance.
**Applicable for NPR Crew only.


ISUZU ELF features ISUZU’s exclusive Hexapod cabin design that maximizes interior space and comfort.

Ergonomic Instrument Panel Design

The switches are ergonomically designed and positioned for improved visibility within the driver’s field of view. Up to 6 DIN can be installed for LCD and GPS devices.

Spacious and Comfortable Cabin

With an expanded head clearance, vertical front pillar and larger space behind the seats, the cab can easily fit three adults comfortably.

More Space for Rear Passengers


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1.9 4x4 AT / MT Standard Rebate

RM 3,000

3.0 4x4 MT Standard Rebate

RM 8,000

1.9 4x4 AT Premium Rebate

RM 4,000