NLR 130
(GVW 4800KG)
NPR 150
(GVW 7500KG)


Automated Manual Transmission


Isuzu’s original automated manual transmission (AMT), codenamed “Smoother” evolved and developed based on the manual transmission system.

The automated manual transmission (AMT) provides more efficient shift operation that guarantees smooth gear shifting pattern from start, to acceleration, to cruising, to hill climbing, and to stop.

Smoother transmission series offer various benefits, including reduced lifecycle and maintenance costs, improved fuel efficiency and less driving fatigue for a higher level of safety and thus contributing towards the cost-effective operation of companies.
2-pedal operation
No downtime for clutch maintenance
Gear position indicator
New Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) makes driving easier and less stressful


Specifically designed with excellent accessibility, the cabin is a workspace designed for maximum utility, safety and comfort. The spacious cabin makes driving more comfortable with ergonomically placed interior panels to provide ample room. The redesigned seat reduces driver fatigue and allows easier ingress and egress.

Best-in-class spacious and quiet cabin with ergonomically designed and placed interior panels positioned for improved visibility makes driving more comfortable with ample room for 3 adults
Ergonomic Instrument Panel Design
Excellent all-round visibility

Safety, Cost-Savings and the environment

Halogen reflectors provide outstanding illumination over a broad area to improve night time visibility and safety
90 Degrees door opening
Bigger axle capacity (7.5 ton GVW)
Headlight leveling. Preferred headlight beam position can be maintained when truck is loaded and when it has no load
90 Degrees door opening
Longer Leaf-spring for better driving comfort with heavy loads
Energy absorbing steering wheel



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1.9 4x4 AT / MT Standard Rebate

RM 3,000

3.0 4x4 MT Standard Rebate

RM 8,000

1.9 4x4 AT Premium Rebate

RM 4,000