Longer leaf spring is sturdier, capable of handling heavier loads with less deflection for better driving comfort

Wider treads with bigger axle capacity allows installation of various cargo bodies offering greater versatility for any business

80 and 90 amperes alternator provides high voltage for high consumption electrical application

6 speed gearbox ensures suitable gear selection


Best-in-class spacious and quiet cabin with ergonomically designed and placed interior panels positioned for improved visibility makes driving more comfortable with ample room for 3 adults

Wide-angle mirror offers extra visibility of surroundings and minimising blind-spots

Excellent all-round visibility


ASR traction control helps prevent wheelspins and improves vehicle stability when driving on slippery roads

EBD is a function that uses the ABS to distribute braking force between the front and rear wheels to  compensate for changes in the load conditions or any shift of load due to acceleration/deceleration, thus preventing premature locking of the rear wheels

*SRS airbag system and seat belt with pretensioner are activated in the event of a frontal collision, mitigating impact to the head and chest *Applicable for driver only



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1.9 4x4 AT / MT Standard Rebate

RM 3,000

3.0 4x4 MT Standard Rebate

RM 8,000

1.9 4x4 AT Premium Rebate

RM 4,000